2. Complexity is a reality, manage it well

Virtually all tech implementations are part of a wider initiative. The sketched project plan here shows the great volume of dependencies that need to be managed to ensure a successful delivery.

This particular product launch included policy admin system development, an app, contact centre changes, data changes, new actuarial models and a large media launch. However, the biggest dependency, and with the longest lead time was regulatory approval, unrelated to any tech change.

The customer will be focussed on issues like this as much as anything the insuretech firm is interested in.

  1. There will be many many people in the insurer who have a stake in this
  2. The Insuretech will be a gear in a bigger machine
  3. Remember the client has many spinning plates
  4. Understand client stakeholder complexity
  5. Understand integration complexity
  6. Manage dependencies
  7. Be realistic about constraints

Complexity is inevitable, we need to ensure that clients understand so. We then need to break it down into manageable chunks. To do this, good planning is necessary. This is discussed in the next section.