We are delivering RBC

RBC is about capital risk, it will change sales 

 Innovation has successfully managed early adoption of RBC at a Hong Kong insurer. Drawing on this knowledge, as well as that gained from other capital management exercises, we have mapped out the approaches available to insurers and the consequences of the choices they make.  

RBC is significant because it doesn’t just change capital management and reporting, it can also fundamentally change distribution approach and customer proposition. For some it is a huge opportunity, for others is a threat to their viability. Every insurer should understand how their competitors need to respond as well as themselves: There is market advantage in planning for how others will respond. 

Different approaches required for different insurers 

Lays out the different strategic roadmaps of RBC for each of three groups of insurers in Hong Kong. 

RBC will create winners and losers. How to be a winner  

Demonstrates the consequences of the approaches available. We do this by gaming how different insurers might choose to act. The outcome shows how significantly RBC will change the market in Hong Kong. It also reinforces the consequences of decision-making and the importance of understanding when distribution changes should happen. 

RBC implementation roadmap 

Demonstrates the implementation roadmap in the act of adopting. This roadmap is for the technical implementation of adoption and applies to all insurers regardless of their grouping and market strategy.