What we can do to make specialist consultancies even more successful on their assignments

Delivery Centres are designed, to support designed in the delivery of large assignments at clients using large business services firms  

IDCs are a means of getting the most value out of subject-matter experts whilst optimizing delivery efficiency and effectiveness. The model works at end-users (banks, insurers etc) and in large service delivery firms supplying their clients 

An Innovation Delivery Centre (IDC) is designed to facilitate the consultancy and their client achieve to their objectives on-time and within budget and should there be a variance provide a clear audit trail and timely management information. 

The challenge the quality of the intellectual input from the organisation, and whether it is delivered within budget and the agreed timescale. Often this is not the case. Cost, timing and quality challenges can lead to relationship issues between the consultancy and its client. This is where we come into the picture.  

Let us be clear, our Delivery Centres are not Project Management Offices (PMO’s). They are concerned with the what, the when and the how much of implementation.  

Works for client, works for consultancy 

On most consultancy engagements there with be leads from both the consultancy and their client. Irrespective of their titles these leads will have a fair amount of themselves invested in the success of the assignment. They will therefore also be assertive and very protective of their personal authority. 

One of the main differentiators in achieving consistent delivery in a dynamic stakeholder environment, is by using the Delivery Centre approach. It provides expertise and support to a project whilst not introducing a further over-assertive project manager into the mix.  The key element of the Delivery Centre approach is the provision of Project Information Managers (PIMs) instead of Project Managers (PMs). 

The model is centred around a Delivery Centre Manager (DCM) who resides with the client and brings in resources in accordance with fluctuations in workload.