Challenges: The one thing you would change?

People People People

Almost all responses led back to people issues; this was even technically related responses, for example “Focus only on compliance because of time constraints”, a decent point, but the context counts here. The respondent asks the reader to take heed, of an issue of decision-making. This is about people and thought leadership.

The respondent’s quote echoed others, using the word ‘focus’. ‘Clarity’ was common too. People seek clarity in their work, a sense of purpose, direction. These requests corroborate answers to other questions.

Respondents suggested having proper project teams, not mixing project people with BAU activities or mounding it on top of fully utilised BAU workers. This group also asked for management by proper project managers, not subject-matter experts[1].

Senior leadership involvement and lack of two-way communication were picked up too, including by senior leaders. There were requests to co-ordinate strategy across the business to ensure that ‘major initiatives align and account for each other.

[1] Yes, we would say this – but it’s what the respondents said too.