Ambition: Is the scale of insurer’s solution ambitious?

Scale of solution defines the TOM and the plan

The best solution for any business will depend on its circumstances. There are a range of implementation routes for any project and they fall into one of four categories:

  1.  don’t do the project (not applicable here)
  2.  do the minimum level of change to get an outcome
  3.  do as much as possible to achieve something amazing
  4.  do a compromise between 2 and 3 (usually best option)

The answers to this question give us some perspective on how much change insurers think they are undertaking compared to outsider believe insurers are doing.

The vendors believe the insurers ambitions are in fact much lower than respondents from insurers. The insurers believe they are being more radical than their vendors think they are.

In other words when insurers ‘think big’ their vendors believe the insurer could ‘think bigger’.