Target Operating Model: Have the projects got TOMs?

The TOM is the basis for any planned change in a business

A vision, a blueprint or a TOM is the starting point of designing a change. It doesn’t need to be detailed at first, but it does need to be there so a team know where to start in planning the change.

Three quarters of respondents stated that some sort of TOM is in place. However the majority believed more work was required.

When most insurers’ transformation projects are in full flight, TOMs remain unclear, as do plans. It is difficult to manage a project without a clear plan. It is difficult to have a clear plan without a clear TOM.

Insurance is a relatively small industry, meaning staff at Innovation are acquainted with some of the respondents. We noticed that respondents who were more experienced in implementing change (in our judgement) were less optimistic about the state of their TOM than people less experienced in delivering change.