Planning: Are the implementation plans clear and realistic?

A plan is the script, without it no-one knows what to do or when

Insurers are confident that they have some planning in place. Most respondents from insurers believe they have a plan to deliver their large projects, with about half believing there is more work to do to complete plans.

Suppliers to insurers are less confident, with about half stating that their principal client has no plan at all.

Insurers should take heed of suppliers’ views. Suppliers are required to fit in with insurers’ scheduling and planning, so it is in the interest of suppliers for insurers to have plans.

If scheduling is unclear, then it is difficult for suppliers to adequately resource and supply customer needs – personnel shortages at suppliers have been identified as a significant issue.

Moreover, most respondents at insurers stated that there is a shortage of people experienced in delivering large-scale change, yet they are relatively content with the current plan (which may not have had expert scrutiny).