Re-structuring a construction and engineering programme

The Challenge

The Programme involved extension to an existing sewage works to install storage tanks, driers, and special processing equipment, in order to enable the use of sewage as fuel in a power station.

The project was a consortium joint venture who were in continuous disagreement. Concerned about impending commercial risk to operations, the ultimate client recommended bringing in the Innovation team.

The Solutions

An Innovation team was assigned, led by one of our Programme Architects, to re-organise this programme, which was both business-critical and involved a new technology application.

The Outcomes
  • Creation of a new effective organisational structure, including a monthly programme board meeting consisting of the clients, CJV directors and key suppliers.
  • Resolution of supplier and client relationship issues without legal interventions.
  • Production of a new, comprehensive, integrated CPA deliverables programme, which produced a highly accurate schedule of deliveries.
  • Operation of a realistic multi-level, multi-discipline risk management approach, which enabled foresight and avoidance of possible delays.